Ramblers Sign Gino Gamboa

Oct 29, 2020 12:00 PM PST

When creating the Las Vegas Ramblers, team owner and GM Vinny Rodriguez knew that he was going to have a unique situation - running a roster with players in both Las Vegas and Southern California. In order for the Ramblers to be successful, he would have to build a roster full of experienced and versatile players who would be able to come together and seamlessly gel as a unit.

“I wanted to build a roster that was full of players who are not only well rounded on the court, but have a strong mental-game off the court. We need to be dynamic in order to be successful as we have a unique situation with a split roster, so finding players that can bridge that gap seamlessly will be a critical part of our team's success,” Rodriguez stated.

The team found a key piece of their roster in Southern California native, Gino Gamboa. As a four-year veteran from UC Santa Cruz and touting 2 years of international experience playing in the UK and Denmark, Gamboa looks to be an integral part of the Ramblers squad moving forward. With ample experience as both an outside hitter and as a right side, Gino is a student of the game whose positive attitude and well-rounded playstyle makes him a threat for the young Ramblers roster. He recalls “My Junior year my coach comes up to me and is like ‘hey we want to try you on the right side but have you be a passing oppo’.” It would not be a starting spot, but Gamboa knew the doors that it could open, “We didn’t have a backup right side; or a solid one like say if he got hurt” so when his coach asked if he was interested, it was of course a resounding “Yes!”.

“Those kind of skills are a necessity for this team” Rodriguez noted, “that’s the exact mentality I need from my players”

When watching Gino, the most impressive part about his game is not just the explosive back row presence, but his mental aptitude and energy on the court. He is a highly motivated and energetic player that is driven by his passion to continue learning the game and pursue being one of the best.

A large ankle Injury at the end of his NCAA career may have left a bit of a sour taste in his mouth, but the NVA and the Las Vegas Ramblers are making sure to provide a perfect stage for Gino to return to the spotlight and make his mark.