Jul 14, 2022 10:00 AM PST

American Conference Wins the 2022 All Star Match

During the concluding fifth event of the 2022 regular season, the National Volleyball Association held its first annual Conference All-Stars Match. Each Conference team was selected based on preliminary selections from the leagues’ team owners and coaches, with even a few fan selections. With the American and National Conferences still in the thick of regular seasons, the players from each All-Star Roster pushed through fatigue to put on show the other NVA players there to cheer on their teammates.

With a monumental effort by both teams to start the game, the first set went the distance, going into extra points and ending at 33-31, with the American Conference being led with perfect hands by setter Michael Keegan. The second set saw some grit from the National Conference, coming back from early deficit with Libero Jose Mulero rattling off a few aces from the service line, sending the crowd up on their feet chanting his name.

However, the American Conference All-Stars managed to run a potent offense with Opposite Felix Chapman going from monstrous bounce to destructive kill on every swing he had. They would take the match with a decisive 3-0 sweep. Additionally, the American Conference’s Middle Mathew Knigge took home the MVP of the game with double-digit points spread out between kills, blocks, and aces.

The match was a night of celebration for every player in the stands watching, getting to go out with a bang after an entire regular season of grinding through each event. For many in attendance, the hard work isn’t over yet as they will be back on the court in a month as rivals, not teammates. But taking the chance to come together as die-hard volleyball fans and watch the best of the best get it done was the perfect break for everyone there before getting back in the gym in preparation for taking home the 2022 Championship Title.

Be sure to mark the start of the Championships this year on August 5-7! Then if you haven’t already, head on to YouTube and watch the2022 All-Star Matchfilled with colored commentary from other top players throughout the game.

Youtube Link:

ALL STAR MATCH | 2022 NVA CUP: Event 5

- NVA Staff Writer

National Conference All-Stars                     


CARLO EDRA (New Jersey Team Freedom)

Outside Hitters:

IAN CAPP (New Jersey Freedom #4)

TIM FERRITER (New Jersey Freedom #7)

JAKE LANGLOIS (Texas Tyrants #10)

GIANLUCA GRASSO (Texas Tyrants #9)

MATT HILLING (Orange County Stunner #18)


MATT ELIAS (New Jersey Freedom #13)

GABY QUINONES (Texas Tyrants #7)


JOE NORMAN (New Jersey Freedom #16)

CHARLES BELVIN (Los Angeles Blaze #17)

Middle Blockers:

MATT SEIFERT (New Jersey Team Freedom #12)

AUSTEN LOVETT (Texas Tyrants #22)

NICK WEST (Orange County Stunner #9)

SHAYNE BEAMER (Orange County Stunner #3)

DAMANI LENORE (Los Angeles Blaze #4)


RYAN ALU (New Jersey Team Freedom #5)

JOSE MULERO (Texas Tyrants #1)


American Conference All-Stars


MIGUEL MONTOROLA, (Las Vegas Ramblers)

Outside Hitters:

JORDAN HOPPE (Las Vegas Ramblers #16)

BRANDON RATTRAY (Las Vegas Ramblers #9)

INOVEL ROMERO (Utah Stingers #15)

TYLER HUBBARD-NEIL (Southern Exposure #1)


MICHAEL KEEGAN (Las Vegas Rambler #4)

DEREK SULLIVAN (Southern Exposure #15)


RYAN MATHER (Las Vegas Ramblers #14)

JORGE MENCIA (Utah Stingers #9)

Middle Blockers:

MATT KNIGGE (Las Vegas Ramblers #17)

RUSSELL HOLMES (Utah Stingers #12)

UCHENNA OFOHA (Southern Exposure #12)

CHIKE OPURUM (Dallas Tornadoes #13)


JJ ROSA (Colorado Kraken #23)