Jun 30, 2022 08:00 AM PST

Tyrants Stay On Top Despite Missing Langlois & Grasso

Despite missing outside Jake Langlois for the weekend and seeing outside Gian Grasso go down with a leg injury, the Texas Tyrants would prevail to add two more wins, pushing them to 7-1 overall heading into the final regular-season event. 

Tyrants vs Exposure 

The Tyrants would start strong against Southern Exposure, quickly taking the first set. However, Grasso would go down in the second, allowing Southern Exposure to take care of business quickly. It wouldn’t be enough, as the rest of the lineup would step up to take the next two.

Southern Exposure would struggle with consistency across a typically balanced offense. Hitting only 0.193 as a team, the middles struggled to score as opposite Tim Lourich and outside Lev Girshfeld put away 10 and 13 kills, respectively. While defensively, the team saw a lot of success, putting up 20 combined blocks, their struggles in service reception and lack of offensive input from usually terminal middles would be the difference in the match, allowing the Tyrants to survive in a 3-1 decision.

Match Leaders


#9 Gian Grasso - 19 Points (18 Kills, 2 Blocks)

#15 Ryan Maune - 19 Points (17 Kills, 1 Block)

#8 Storm Faagata-Tufuga - 17 Points (15 Kills, 3 Blocks, 2 Aces)

Southern Exposure

#7 Lev Girshfeld - 13 Points (13 Kills)

#8 Tim Lourich - 11 Points (10 Kills, 3 Blocks)

#16 Langston Payne - 8 Points (4 Kills, 5 Blocks)

Tyrants vs Sasquatch

With a limited weekend lineup, Sasquatch would see some offensive success against the Texas Tyrants, who were missing both of their aces, Jake Langlois and Gian Grasso. 

Opposite Jevan Coronado and outside Peter Silva would carry the team offensively, with Silva going 12 for 28 while Coronado going 10 for 18. Despite their success at the net, the rest of the team struggled with consistency, with outside Austin Schumacher next in line with six kills. This struggle in offensive connection likely came from trouble in service reception, with the team committing five reception errors and only passing at 60% efficiency. 

The Tyrants would bounce back from a tight first set to take the next two pretty-handedly, with Anthony Robinson and Isiah Acfalle filling in big shoes offensively. Robinson would go near errorless while putting 10 of 21 away, while Acfalle would go 16 for 28 at a whopping 0.429 clip. Libro Jose Mulero would run the service reception, passing at 90% efficiency, while middle Ryan Maune and setter Gabi Quinones would lead the defense with four blocks a piece. 

Ultimately, the trust and consistency the Tyrants had behind their unconventional lineup would be the difference in the match, allowing them to sweep Sasquatch 3-0.

Match Leaders


#11 Isaiah Acfalle - 18 Points (16 Kills, 2 Aces, 1 Block)

#11 Tim Johnson - 11 Points (8 Kills, 2 Blocks, 1 Ace)

#3 Anthony Robinson - 10 Points (10 Kills)


#7 Peter Silva - 13 Points (12 Kills, 1 Ace)

#18 Jevan Coronado - 10 Points (10 Kills)

- NVA Staff Writer