Jun 13, 2022 01:00 AM PST

Battle of the Beaten Give Chicago First Win

The Chicago Untouchables earned their first win and 3-0 sweep of the year, efficiently handling the Seattle Sasquatch from start to finish. Until this match, neither team had yet been capable of coming away with a win.

Chicago immediately took a 4-1 lead off a Will Ragland kill and a string of unforced errors from Sasquatch. The errors continued to pour in, which forced a Sasquatch timeout at 3-9. Sasquatch attempted to side out, but the Untouchable block had other things in mind, taking care of two of the following three points. Sasquatch Outside Peter Silva finally ended the run with a kill. However, the Untouchables' offense would still dominate, giving them a 15-6 lead. Jacob Tinitali responded with two kills of his own to cut the Untouchable lead to five before a successful challenge by the Untouchables Coach Andrew Lee stopped the momentum. Silva started getting some energy back from a strong cross angle before an Austin Neace kill ended their slight run, 19-13. The teams would continue to exchange points before the Untouchables finished the set on a Sasquatch service error 25-19.

Set two saw Chicago immediately seize and keep the momentum. A Jacob Ostema service run set the pace for the match. The Untouchables scored five unanswered points to a Sasquatch timeout, led by two kills from Ragland. Silva's kill stopped the run; however, the Untouchables would score ten of the following fourteen points to take a 17-6 lead. Sasquatch struggled to string together points, missing serves immediately after fighting their way to a side out. The Untouchables would ultimately wrap up the set25-12 off another Neace kill.

Sasquatch pulled off some longer rallies to start the third set, with both teams making great defensive plays. Silva again tried to make a difference for Seattle, putting away two kills at the start of the frame. Still, Chicago continued slowly building and maintaining their momentum with a lead of three at 9-6. The Untouchables began to pull away off some Sasquatch errors to take the game to 14-8 before a Kody McCkracken kill would stop the run. Tinitali added some points of his own, bringing the game within five AT 12-17. It would prove not enough, as Chicago would score six of the last ten points to take the set 25-17 and the match 3-0 for their first win of the year.

Chicago would flex their offensive muscle off some great passing from libero Jordan Robinson to finish the match, hitting 0.397, while Sasquatch would finish at 0.000. The game pushed the Untouchables to record 1-4 on the year while Sasquatch fell to 0-5.


- NVA Staff Writer

Match Statistics

Chicago Untouchables:

#13 Will Ragland - 13 Points (11 Kills, 1 Block)

#11 Austin Neace - 11 Points (10 Kills, 4 Blocks)

#14 Jacob Ostema - 9 Points (6 Kills, 2 Blocks, 1 Ace)

Seattle Sasquatch:

#7 Silva Peterson - 7 Points (7 Kills)

#5 Jacob Tinitali - 6 Points (6 Kills)

#6 Kody McCraken - 5 Points (3 kills, 2 Blocks)