Apr 08, 2022 17:00 PM PST

Ramblers Rally Back to Reverse Sweep Exposure

The Las Vegas Ramblers rallied back from an 0-2 deficit to defeat Orlando Southern Exposure in 5 sets on the first day of Event 1. 

Set one saw Southern Exposure coming out strong, with newcomer Jan Solivan leading the way offensively. The Ramblers struggled to string together points, committing 8 hitting errors in the set. While the Ramblers kept the score tight, Southern Exposure never fell behind, taking the set 25-22. 

The second set started similarly, with Southern Exposure quickly pulling ahead. Again, Southern Exposure's new draftees came up big with their setter, David Specian, running a well-balanced offense that held the Rambler block. The Ramblers continued to struggle with unforced errors, giving away 6 points from the service line. Southern Exposure seized their opportunities, closing the set quickly at 25-17 while hitting a whopping 0.500 as a team. 

Down 0-2, the Ramblers entered the third set fighting. While the set started close at 6-8, the Ramblers would then go on a 10-2 run off of great passing by Jordan Hoppe and some critical blocks by Antwain Aguillard, taking their lead to 16-10. From their Ramblers maintained their sizeable lead, taking the set 25-19 while holding Southern Exposure to a 0.290 hitting percentage. 

The fourth set began with both teams fighting through long rallies. The set remained tight, with the Ramblers mounting their charge once they pulled the lead 16-15. That would be as close as Southern Exposure would get, as the Ramblers took the set 25-20, putting away 16 kills at a 0.375 clip compared to Southern Exposure's 10 kills at a 0.219 clip. 

The decisive fifth set saw long rallies to start but ultimately saw the Ramblers take a commanding 10-5 lead. Southern Exposure pulled within two points of taking the match, tieing at 13-13 with a successful challenge from coach Tony Glessner. However, the tie would be short-lived as the Ramblers took the following two points and the match, 15-13. Southern Exposure gave away 8 points in the 5th, while the Ramblers stayed steady with only one unforced error.

The Ramblers would end the match, hitting 0.318 as a team with pins Ryan Mather and Jordan Hoppe leading offensively with 23 and 21 kills apiece, respectively. Southern Exposure would end the match hitting 0.307, with Solivan putting away 21 kills. The Ramblers are now 1-0, and Southern Exposure is now 0-1. 


Match Statistics

Las Vegas Ramblers:

#16 Ryan Mathers - 27 Points (23 Kills, 4 Blocks)

#16 Jordan Hoppe- 24 Points (21 Kills, 2 Aces, 1 Block) 

#20 Nick England - 11 Points (7 Kills, 3 Blocks, 1 Ace)

Southern Exposure:

#6 Jan Solivan - 23 Points (21 Kills, 1 Block, 1 Ace)

#1 Tyler Hubbard-Neil - 15 Points (13 Kills, 1 Block, 1 Ace)

#7 Lev Girshfeld - 14 Points (13 Kills, 1 Block)

#16 Langston Payne - 10 Points (8 Kills, 2 Blocks)

 -NVA Staff Writer